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Automate your stock adding , updating and activating process on BYGEX, ABSOLUTEGAMERS and WHINKERTON

S.A.T. Stock adding tool

Update your WoW EU/ BNS EU / BNS US stock in seconds on 3 resellers websites

Update your stock, activate & deactivate notifications instantly on Bygex, AbsoluteGamers & Whinkerton!

Do you spend a lot of time daily updating your stock on multiple platforms? Sometimes just wasting time due to low orders?

Do you sometimes forget to update your stock on a platform?
Do you sometimes forget to activate / deactivate notifications?

Updating your stock over and over again on multiple platforms every time you get a order it’s a hassle right?

Here’s a awesome idea. Delegate the annoying repetitive tasks of updating stocks and setting notifications to S.A.T. 

How much time would you save monthly? Even if its 10 minutes per day, but mostlikely its more than that!

Do the math for yourself and check how much time your losing everyday.

Time yourself updating your stock on all 3 platforms once and multiply that by the average number of your stock updates per day!

ex: 10 minutes saved everyday = ~ 5 hours saved per month by using S.A.T. How much would this be worth to you? + less work + more chances for orders!

Super Fast Bot !

In a few seconds your stock will be updated. Your notifications will be activated/deactivated on all 3 sites. 

Save Time !

Do it once in S.A.T. and let S.A.T. change your stock and notifs on those 3 sites.

Get more orders!

Keeping acurate stock entries on multiple sites will increase your chances for orders. 

Be more productive !

It used to be a hassle to do it manually on multiple sites. Not Anymore. S.A.T. will do it for you! 

Bywex Custom Bots

Web Automation

All you need is a pc with Windows or a Vmware and a cheap S.A.T. subscription.

And of course to be a WoW EU / BNS EU or

BnS NA gold seller 🙂

otherwise S.A.T. its useless to you.

S.A.T. Config

Check out some examples of config settings and Logs in S.A.T.

Benefits of using S.A.T.

Why should you use S.A.T.?

Below you have the list of benefits that come from using S.A.T.

Save Time

By automating the stock adding proces on multiple platforms at once.

Less Work

Add it once into S.A.T. and S.A.T. will add it into those platforms.

More Orders

Active stock on more platforms = more chances for orders.

Keep acurate stock

Its easy and fast to update your stock while your delivering orders.

You won’t forget

You won’t forget anymore to update your stock on a platform or to disable the notifications when S.A.T is doing it for you on all.

Less hassle

You will have less hassle managing the stock across multiple platforms at the same time.

Ignore cheaper servers

You can set S.A.T. to ignore specific servers  on each platform. That way if its cheaper somewhere S.A.T. won’t add it there.

Its cheap and affordable

Why do all that work manually when for the price of 3 cup of coffes you can do it automatically ?

Buy S.A.T. using PayPal

For other payments options: Skrill & Webmoney  

   For a custom plan 6 months / 12 months there is a 10% / 25% discount.

Contact us for more information using the skype button bellow:

Ask for more features

Buy , start using S.A.T. and let us know what new features you want to be added into it.

If your interested in using S.A.T. on other platforms let us know  or if you want to use it for WoW US servers. If there will be enough requests we will add them into S.A.T.


Think outside the box and let us know what features you will find useful.

Jump start your productivity

What other platforms would you like to be added into S.A.T.? More platforms = more chances for orders, right?

We’re gonna make it amazing

We have quite a few items on S.A.T. To Do list. Tell us what you want and we will prioritize them based on the number of requests.

Automates 3 games on 3 websites

You can add up to 10 servers

Just 5.99$ monthly

Still in doubts about buying S.A.T. even with our 30 days money back guarantee no questions asked?

Get in touch with us and we will sort it out!

S.A.T. Support Form

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